Amma Woods
GoodWood Branded Product range

Providing flexibility in manufacturing to meet growing customer demands

What we do

We manufacture many quality wood products for our daily use by converting timber logs over the years. Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials to various value added products, with machines & tools through chemical and biological processing, or formulation. We apply world class manufacturing practices in our state of art facilities where raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. The quality of the materials used in our products is truly world-class and rightfully so that we attain a good reputation for reliability in manufacturing. We are a leading manufacturer of Furniture, Finger Joint Boards, Wooden Flooring, Wooden Panels, Mouldings, Doors, Windows, Pavement Tiles and Packaged Drinking Water.

what we do

Our quality services

We are committed to delivering best in class products to our customers at the lowest price. Our manufacturing units are equipped with latest machineries that provide highest standards in finishing. We apply stringent waste management principles that eliminate waste during the production, which in turn help us to achieve economies of scale. Our production lines are flexible to accommodate the changing requirements of our customers. We always bring in modern designs that set new standards in the industry.


The furniture of any home or establishment reflects the ambience and standards. As a leading manufacturer of wooden furniturewe have seen a stellar growth in this business. The quality of the wood used in our products is truly world-class and rightfully so; considering the rigorous steps we take to achieve this for attaining 100% wood seasoning, chemical treatment and reduction of water content to the optimum for weather resistance. We provide superior quality, innovative ideas and rich opulence in furniture manufacturing through world class manufacturing facilities in India and Tanzania. Our product ranges from bed frames to wardrobes and other bedroom furniture, dining tables to chairs and kitchen cabinets, other home furniture to garden furniture, office furniture to luxurious hotel furniture.

Packaged Drinking Water

We are one of the growing packaged drinking water manufacturers in Tanzania who help in bringing clean & ionized water to the people of the developing nation. We understand the importance of consuming clean water and hence our purification process ensures that even 0.1 micron level impurities are purified. We have been able to build a good market for our products amongst the local populations and nearby.

Wooden Wall Panels

Wood wall panels create not only a unique aesthetic value but also a cool &cosy environment within any agiven space. Our products use natural wood and eco-friendly materials crafted to-order, to suit their needs. Our wooden panels add elegance and style with guaranteed durability. These are also available in a variety of colors, textures, styles and designs.

Finger Joint Board

We manufacture high quality finger joint boards in India for local consumption and are also exported outside. Finger-joint Boards are single-layer panels made of best natural wood. Because the finished panels are strong and keep their shape well, they are ideal for high quality furniture and interior decoration such as Staircases and Window Sills. They are also used in applications such as Kitchen Shutters, Wardrobes, Doors Frames, Panels, Wooden carvings and premium quality furniture. The finger-joint boards are made mainly from teak, rubber wood, beech and oak, but ash, cherry and maple are also used. The result is a product that looks great and durability better than solid wood.


We offer a wide range of wooden mouldings, which are the backbone of interior projects. Our mouldings are designed to be used alone or combined together to complement each other. We manufacture these Collections from clear, kiln-dried domestic and imported hardwoods at facility in India. All profiles in-stock are unfinished and can stain or paint. We also undertake curving work for high profile projects and offer Embossed and Traditional designs.

Windows and Frames

As a complete solution to the wooden fixtures for constructing a house under one roof, we also undertake ready to assemble windows and frames in all type of wood. There is huge demand for these items as it would help in saving time to build as well as cost of construction.

Pavement Tiles

We are specialized in designing and creating high quality outdoor paving stones in different patterns and shades in Tanzania. Our Interlocking pavement Tiles are excellent for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Our Product is available with features such as wide variety of colors, Quick and Easy Installation, long life, eco-friendly, and maintenance free and in different sizes & shapes. Our entire range complies with the standards of the industry and it has highly accepted designs and colors. A dedicated team of professionals with abundant experience in this line have joined together to deliver the best possible flooring solutions.

Wooden Flooring Panels

As a global market leader, we manufacture smartly designed wooden flooring in many varieties and colour combinations. Our wooden flooring tiles are long lasting that possesses dashing appearance, superior quality and have gained market acceptance through product excellence and value formoney. We follow only two simple words in the production of flooring tiles, Quality and Innovation.

Doors and Door Frames

Ready to assemble doors are manufactured in our factory in India with latest state of art imported machineries and sent to distributors in different parts of the country. These wooden panels are made from pieces of wood bonded together with an adhesive gum which make the board stronger than normal planks. These doors are well accepted in the market due to its unique appearance and texture. The door frames are also manufactured in our factory with variety of wood and are delivered in ready to assemble condition.