Our infrastructure portfolio contains Townships, Villas and Apartments and Commercial Complexes

What we do

Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the growth of the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India's overall image as a fast growing nation. Our infrastructure portfolio contains Townships, Villas and Apartments and Commercial Complexes.
Township Development is the latest concept in real estate. It has become popular in the last couple of years and has found wide acceptance with the investors. Most of the projects are being presented to prospective buyers as integrated townships. We can execute within the time schedule a complete spectrum of township development. Our villas and apartments are designed based on the principles of vastu & other influences of the cosmic rays in our environment. They are also complimented with all modern amenities to enhance your everyday living convenience. Also we offers smartly designed Commercial Complexes.

what we do

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A Township should have a balanced mix of residential and commercial spaces along with well-developed infrastructure and recreational amenities besides green and open spaces for the up keep of a healthy physique and a charged-up mind. A well-developed infrastructure should have different facilities like educational facilities, day care, good health-care facility and an emergency care,etc. They generally should also have entertainment centersin the form of quality cinema or multiplex, well-stocked grocery stores, professional services for beauty-care and laundry, banks and food courts. In other words, this is one place where nature has been recreated to coexist in an urban environment, where the abundance of greenery, the state-of-the-art civic amenities and other modern systems join together to give you the ultimate global lifestyle. Our township development projects are designed to fulfill these requirements at the highest standard.

Villas and Apartments

As per the existing trend in Kerala, while thinking of a living space, the preference is for an Apartment. A ready to occupy 2BHK or 3BHK apartments is much easier to possess than building a house; considering the real estate value of land. An apartment can give all the luxury for a perfect living at the same time protecting the privacy & security of their life. The Villas is a concept of having a piece of land and living together in a community. They provide a safe and secure living and provide more personal space & privacy. Villas come with basic amenities for a luxury living & recreational club. We have raised the benchmark in villa projects and our projects are tailor made to match your requirements and complement your lifestyle. We remain unique amongst others as we believe that unless we enjoy our dwelling surroundings, we cannot be creative and productive in our life.

Commercial Complexes

The commercial complexes are developed to facilitate the business activities and it includes office buildings, warehouses, and retail facilities (i.e. convenience stores, 'big box' stores, shopping malls, etc.). We strictly comply with the government regulations on commercial zoning and our projects are located strictly in key commercial areas or areas earmarked at least partially for commerce. The commercial complexes are built in line with the latest design trends and fulfill the requirements of prospect tenants. We rent out the facilities to trusted business houses and undertake the facility management services to maintain highest standards.