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Our business activities are designed to complement each other to deliver quality products and services to our clients. Now, Companies have many options to choose from when it comes to the raw materials, products or services that they require, but still it remains a challenging task for them. If companies can focus on their comparative advantages instead of wasting their time on complicated sourcing challenges, they can maximize the production and efficiency, which leads to greater potential for profit and Customer Satisfaction. We are well concerned about the needs of our customers and our business units are well prepare to take up these challenges on behalf of our clients. Our trading division "Asiafro International " focus on sourcing the quality products and raw materials from all corners of the world to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. Thus, they can focus on what they are best suited to do - engage in their activities with regular flow of raw materials (supply) in time at the lowest opportunity costs for them. Our state of art manufacturing facilities run by "Amma Woods", engaged in the production of Furniture, Finger joint boards, Doors, Windows, Frames, Wooden Panels, Mouldings, Wooden Flooring, and other Wood Products complement well in delivering the quality products to our customers worldwide. Our logistics services division "Asiafro Logistics" provide provide full fledged logistics services to our subsidiaries and other customers to efficiently manage their supply chain. Whereas, our IT services division "Parva Technologies" provide specialized ERP solutions to our subsidiaries and other customers. The Infrastructure Development division "Chaitanyam Builders" engaged in the development of Townships, Villas and Commercial Complexes provide infrastructure support and Perfect Supermarket chains offer grocery and other consumer products to meet the day to day requirements of our customers

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Global Trading

Global trade can create economic wealth on a global scale as each country maximizes its revenue and growth by focusing on what it does best and saving money on Trading that would be more costly for it to produce domestically. A country generates revenue from exporting the excess goods and services that its domestic market doesn't need to other countries that have a different comparative advantage. The money it receives from the exports can then it is used to import goods and services it does not produce from the countries that have a comparative advantage in the production of those goods and services.

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We manufacture many quality products over the years. Manufacturing is the value added production, machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation. Manufacturing is most commonly applied to industrial production, in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. The quality of the materials used in our products is truly world-class and rightfully so that we attains a rich history in manufacturing. We are the leading manufacturer of Furniture, finger joint boards, pavement tiles, wooden flooring, wooden panels and packaged drinking water.

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We are one of the leading logistics company who is fully fledged clearing and Shipping. The company has a good reputation in customs and we are very fast & honest. We look forward to a have very good, everlasting relationship with you for your future logistics services. Logistics is not only about moving cargo from point A to point B. It requires lot of knowledge, skills, expertise as it is a management of effective supply chain. By having an efficient supply chain and proper logistical procedures, a company can cut costs and increase efficiency and most importantly it can stay competitive in its line of business.

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IT Services

Providing software solutions and quality assurance services to organizations. Our solutions differ from others for its flexibility to suit customer specific business requirements. All the modules in the system are integrated to get the complete visibility of the organization. Also, the application is highly flexible to incorporate future requirements or enhancements based on changed business strategies.

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Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India's overall development our infrastructure section contains Townships, Villas and Apartments and Commercial Complexes. Township Development is the latest concept in real estate. It caught up so fast in the last couple of years and given the rapid acceptance of the concept, most of the projects are being presented to prospective buyers as integrated townships. We can fulfill the complete spectrum of township development.

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Retail Chains

We dealing with all or nearly all range of brands, all this help homemakers especially to find everything under one umbrella, we aim to create customers that keep on returning for more satisfaction.We follows the best industry practices in order to unlock the full potential of its staff through our excellent training. We are offering a huge choice of groceries and other products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets and desserts, elegant household, trendy ladies items and footwear at the most reasonable price ever.

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