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Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work ,  a company work ,
a society work ,  a civilization work. - Vince Lombardi

Who we are

Established in 1991,  we commenced our business as a small furniture manufacturing unit in the state of Kerala (India).  To enhance our business,  we started importing logs and sawn timbers of various species (both softwood and hardwood) from different corners of the world.   Gradually we became a name to reckon in the distribution of imported logs and sawn timber in India.

As a part of our forward integration,   we set up a world class manufacturing unit in the state of Kerala (India),  which is engaged in the production of Furniture,   Finger joint boards,   Doors,  Windows,  Frames,  Wooden Panels,   Mouldings,  Wooden Flooring,   and other Wood Products.

In the course of time,   we diversified into a number of commercial ventures like Logistics Services,  Information Technology,  Infrastructure Development,  Retail Chains and B2B Trading of other value added products like Gold,  Pulses,  Cashew,  Farmed Fish,  Fruits & Vegetables,  Spices and other Agricultural Products.  Also,  we established sourcing and production facilities across the globe.

Today,  we are an Indian Multinational Company (IMC),  with an annual turnover of over one billion having our presence in 23 countries,  four continents and dealing in six industries.  In our effort to bridge the source to consumers,  we focus on customer satisfaction and are sensitive to changing market trends.  Be it in manufacturing or in service sector,  our objective is to adhere to Perfection   &   Quality product delivery.  Our policy is to maintain long term business relationships with our suppliers and customers.  We have successfully been able to create a strong market in sourcing and trading globally which has helped our customers to pursue their activities of choice,  while we enable them to obtain the best products at the least cost.

  • Global Trading

    The sourcing and trading of timber to wood products,  pulses to spices,  fruits   &   vegetables to other consumables like farmed fish,  cashew,  rice etc.  and non-consumable items like gold,  iron ore etc.  worldwide are managed by our trading arm,  namely Asiafro International,  which is headquartered in United Arab Emirates.  Asiafro International has sourcing and production facilities in 23 countries across the globe and it enjoys access to the products from where it originates.   This enables us to deliver quality products to our clients at the best rates possible.

  • Manufacturing

    The manufacturing of Wooden Furniture,  Finger Joint Boards,  Doors,  Windows,  Frames,  Panels,  Mouldings and Wooden Flooring is handled by our associated business unit,  namely Amma Woods Private Limited.  It manages a state of art manufacturing unit in the State of Kerala,  India for the manufacturing of these products.  Also,  we have own or leased saw mills in Asia Pacific,  Africa and South America for the production of sawn timber,  which is being exported to our clients.  In addition,  we have facilities in Africa engaged in the production of paving tiles and packaged drinking water.

  • Logistics

    With our own fleet of 20 feet and 40 feet trailers,  facilities and network,  Asiafro Logistics and Infrastructure Private Limited managed by experienced professionals provides door to door services including Freight Forwarding,  Transportation,  Warehousing and Distribution facilities to our own associated businesses as well as other clients in India.  We have been able to carve a name for our prompt and excellent service within a short span of time.  Our business model involves investing heavily in the development of logistic infrastructure,  which is lackingingrowing Indian market.

  • IT Services

    Incorporated with the vision of becoming a world leader in providing high quality software solutions and related services,  our IT wing Parva Technologies Private Limited controlled by qualified technologists,  managers and skilled employees with strong commitment to ensure customer satisfaction in all respects,  provides Information Technology and IT enabled services to customers across the globe.  We offer customised ERP Solutions,  Web Applications,  Desktop Applications ,  Mobile App Development,  Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services. We are ISO 9001:2008 certifiedand our development processes are in compatible with CMMI practices.

  • Infrastructure

    Our Infrastructure Development wing,  Chithanyam Builders Private Limitedis engaged in the developments of townships,  villas and apartments,  commercial complexes in India.   We have huge tracts of land for development in different parts of the India,  some of which are located in ideal location with nature's beauty.  We deliver exceptional and iconic projects beyond the expectation that upgrade the lifestyle of our customers.  We set new in benchmarks in the development of iconic architecture and community living in Kerala,  India

  • Retail Chains

    With a strong network and supply chain,  our retail wing Perfect Supermarkets offers a huge choice of groceries and other products such as fresh fruits & vegetables,  sweets & desserts,  elegant household,  trendy ladies items and footwear at the most reasonable price ever in the state of Kerala,  India. By being the bonus-card member one can feel the special benefits including door to door delivery. Perfect Supermarket chains have already captured the hearts of many through our strong values and culture. We also provide opportunity to be part of our network through our franchisees.


Saleesh K S
Chairman & Managing Director
Mridul Eranezhath
Chief Executive Officer
Manoj T
Chief Financial Officer
Ravishankar V
Chief Operating Officer
Surekha K V
GM - IT Division
Praveenkumar E M
GM - Logistics Division

What our clients have to say

  • It was always a pleasure dealing with this company. We had absolutely no problems which we could not sort out amongst ourselves. It was always a win-win situation for everyone.

    Sivankutty Sankaran Vrindavanam Timber and Furniture, India
  • We are very comfortable while negotiating with them as they are very transparent in their approach. The price quoted by them are very competitive and the quality can be verified and purchased to our satisfaction.

    Paluvelil John Sojan P.M.J Wood Industries, India
  • When we think of imported timber we think of Asiafro ,as no others could compete with them. We are proud to be associated this company as it has helped us to improve our reputation.

    Pidiyath Vareed Johnson P.V.J Timbers india